Sandia Control Systems both produces its own products and resells the products of others to integrate with its own offerings.

These are samples of the custom hardware products we've produced for our customers.

Aydin 5217 Graphics Generator Emulator and Keyboard Replacement.

Sandia Control Systems Keyboard and Graphics Controller was designed to emulate an Aydin Controls Model 5217R Graphics Generator. The 5217R was a standard graphics controller for control systems operator workstations in the days before Windows became the premier interface.

Sandia Control Systems had several nuclear power plant customers with the same generation of security system, each using the Aydin 5217R. Over the years it had become very difficult to maintain these graphics controllers. One of our customers had the experience of sending two units out for repair, and getting them back in worse shape than they were originally.

In addition, each system had a keyboard at each operatorís workstation that was obsolete. In one case, the keyboard had been designed in the 1970ís, and was an ergonomic nightmare in addition to the problems of maintenance and repair. In the other two systems, the keyboards were newer but also obsolete, and had non-standard electrical interfaces.

Finally, the workstations used rack-mounted monitors with RGB coax connections (to interface to the Aydin 5217Rs). These monitors had very small screens (less than 13Ē diagonal), and were expensive to replace or upgrade to larger models.

The Keyboard and Graphics Controller addressed all three problems. Based on a single-board computer from Adastra, the firmware in the controller emulates most of the Aydin 5217Rís command set. (We didnít bother to emulate some of the commands that we knew were never used on these systems.) The graphics output is identical to the 5217R, with the same ASCII and symbol character sets.

We replaced the old keyboards with a standard PC keyboard with custom keycaps representing the operator displays. Again, the firmware processes keystrokes and outputs the same data that would have been generated by the original (replaced) keyboard.

Finally, the Keyboard and Graphics Controller connects to a standard PC display, either a CRT or LCD flat-panel. The result is a better quality, larger image and a significant cost savings.

The Keyboard and Graphics Controller with Custom Keyboard enabled Sandia Control Systemsí customers to maintain (and upgrade) their systems at a relatively low cost. All this was accomplished with no changes to the rest of their system, making the Keyboard and Graphics Controller a truly drop-in replacement.

Rusco RS-40 Card Reader Replacement

Dataprinter Chaintrain Controller to Serial Port Converter

Sandia Control Systems is an authorized distributer of Dorado (by HID) card readers and accessories, and Recognition Systems Hand Geometry Units and accessories.

Dorado Mag Stripe Card Readers

Dorado Proximity Card Readers

Recognition Systems Hand Geometry Units

HandKey Picture

Biometric identification is the automatic assessment of a unique body feature or personal action. Biometric systems are superior because they provide a non-transferable means of identifying people, not just cards or badges.

The HandKey® uses the uniqueness of three dimensional hand geometry to control access to your valued resources. And it does it better than any other biometric system. Results of independent field tests show that the HandKey has the best overall performance and user acceptance of any biometric device.

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