Modcomp Support

From the mid-1970's through the late 1990's Modular Computer Systems, Inc. (Modcomp) was a premier producer of mini-computers for the real-time computing industry. Modcomp manufactured a line of computers with steadily improving speed and flexibility, from the Modcomp 2's of the 1970's to the Classics of the 1980's and the 32-bit Tri-D's of the 1990's. Their operating systems - MAX III, MAX IV and MAX-32 - and supporting development tools allowed systems developers to take full advantage of Modcomp's computer hardware and peripherals.

At Sandia Control Systems we have over 20 years of experience with Modcomp systems across most of their 16- and 32-bit product lines. From system development to installation and start-up support to post-start-up maintenance and upgrades, we've worked on Modcomp systems in all life-cycle stages.

We also have experience with some of the major companies producing replacement parts for legacy Modcomp systems, such as Accurate Computer, Logical Data Corporation and Electronic Visions.

If you have a legacy Modcomp computer systems and have need for software support, we'd be happy to help.

Last updated 05/28/2004.

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