Computrol Support

Computrol manufactured a line of high-speed data concentrators (multiplexors) used extensively in nuclear power plant security systems manufactured by Johnson Controls and Arvin Diamond in the late 1970s and 1980s.

Sandia Control Systems has over 20 years experience working with Computrol's Comtrol I family of equipment. We have written software that communicates with the hardware, adapted controllers to interface to the hardware, and even debugged the firmware on two of the 8085-based functional interface modules (FIMs) for Computrol (in the late 1980s).

If you have a Computrol Comtrol I multiplexor system and need assistance maintaining, upgrading, or migrating your host computer's interface or software, please call us to see how we can help.

If you need help with repairing, replacing, or upgrading Computrol hardware, we recommend you contact Rich Cloutier at System Support Services, Inc. Rich was the Service Manager for Computrol in the 1980's. He acquired the rights to most (if not all) of the Computrol Comtrol I and Megaplex hardware when AEG bought Computrol for Computrol's high speed networking equipment. We've worked with Rich on many systems across the country, and can't recommend him highly enough.

Last updated 05/28/2004.

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