February 1, 2005

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Small Albuquerque Business Generates Big Savings and Security for Arizona Power Plant
Albuquerque, NM

Sandia Control Systems, Inc. (SCS) has provided a win-win solution for card reader replacement at Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station.

In October 2004 SCS designed and built an interface board that completely emulates Rusco RS-30 card readers. This board attaches to HID's sophisticated iClass contact-less smart card reader. Firmware on the board converts card data from HID's smart card format to the Rusco protocol. SCS designed the stainless-steel cradle-mounted reader assemblies to fit into the plant's existing reader enclosures.

As with other U.S. power plants, the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station desires to increase its security levels. The new smart card readers provide a higher level of security. With their powerful encryption and digital signature capabilities, smart cards have built-in tamper proof qualities. The smart cards can also carry biometric information such as fingerprints, hand geometry, and iris patterns.

Sandia Control Systems CEO Bob Schmidt said, "Although this card reader replacement is an interim solution, the state-of-the-art card readers will interface with any new system the power plant decides to purchase in the future."

Palo Verde, operated by Arizona Public Service Co., is the largest nuclear power plant in the Untied States. Its three units have a combined net generating capacity of 3,810 megawatts.

Sandia Control Systems provided a similar customized card reader replacement/upgrade to a Midwest power plant in 2001.

June 1, 2004

Sandia Control Systems is excited to roll out the new look for our web site. The previous version's graphics were generated from a generic layout provided by our ISP. Their on-line web designer was easy to learn and use, and it enabled us to get on the web quickly when we needed to last year.

It was always our intention to update the site with our own graphics. We'll be tweaking things a bit in the comming weeks.. We've also added more content, with more to come. We hope you enjoy our new look.

April 23, 2004

Another month, another trade show. This one was the Santa Fe Business Expo, sponsored by the Santa Fe Chamber of Commerce. The one (very long) day event was held at the tennis facilities of the College of Santa Fe.

Special thanks go again to John Newcomb of IR Security & Safety. Not only did he bring demo equipment, but he also supplied a Cobra battery-powered lock to give away to one lucky attendee. Thanks, John.

March 9, 2004

The Air Force Safety Center at Kirtland Air Force Base (Albuquerque, NM) has purchased another Schlage CM lock.

February 26, 2004

We just completed our second trade show, the Supplier's Showcase, at the Albuquerque Convention Center. This show was sponsered by Sandia National Labs and the City of Albuquerque, as a means of bringing those two organizations together with small businesses in the area.

Special thanks to Steve Yacht of Dorado Products and John Newcomb of IR Security & Safety for bringing product demos to the show and helping out at the booth.

November 24, 2003

Thanks to hard work and perseverance by Nicole Wascoe Bauman (Sales & Marketing Director), and as a direct result of the New Mexico ITEC show, we've won a small job from Kirtland Air Force Base to supply a pair of programmable door locks for a facility used by the Air Force Inspection Agency. Thanks also to Capt. David Pena, who stopped by our booth at ITEC and gave us the opportunity to serve the Air Force.

The Schlage CM locks are a new product line for Sandia Control Systems. They are manufactured by Locknetics, a division of Ingersoll-Rand, and a sister company of Recognition Systems, the manufacturers of the Hand Geometry Units we sell.

Sandia Control Systems thanks the United States Air Force for choosing us as a supplier for their access control needs.

November 20, 2003

For Immediate Release:

Sandia Control Systems, Inc. Hires Sales & Marketing Director
Albuquerque, NM

Sandia Control Systems, Inc., an Albuquerque-based custom software and hardware provider, has hired Nicole Wascoe Bauman as its Sales & Marketing Director. With 10+ years of advertising, marketing, public relations and sales experience and an M.B.A. from the University of Iowa, Wascoe Bauman will focus on the growth and promotion of Sandia Control Systems.

About Sandia Control Systems, Inc.

Sandia Control Systems, Inc. (, which opened its doors nine years ago, provides custom software and hardware for the process control (SCADA) and access control (physical security) markets. Headquartered in Albuquerque, SCS specializes in systems-level programming for control systems in industries such as municipal water and wastewater treatment; deep-tunnel rain-water collection; desalting plants; energy management systems; and nuclear power. SCS also designes, builds and supports custom hardware, such as emulators and protocol converters, adding longevity to companies' current systems.

October 24, 2003

Whew! We just completed our first trade show, the 2003 New Mexico ITEC at the Albuquerque convention center. We had our own products on display as well as some products from companies for which we are resellers. As expected, the Recognition Systems Hand Geometry Unit was the big draw to our booth.

We couldn't have pulled this off without the help of Nicole Wascoe Bauman, Scotty Kerr, and Eli Quinn. Nicole helped with booth layout, brochure design, and worked the floor for two days (next time wear comfortable shoes, Nicole!). Scotty spent most of the day before the show helping with cartage and booth setup. Eli designed our new logo, business cards, and had the banner made (and it was the best banner at the show, in our not-so-humble opinion). Many thanks to all of you.

ITEC Booth

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